Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Walk to Remember

The first piece of literature I decided to read is the book A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. The main characters of this book include a young "do-good" teenager named Jaime and the "bad boy" Landon. In the beginning of the book Landon is not worried about anything but graduating high school, hanging out with his friends, and getting into college. Jaime is the complete opposite; she is a sweet, generous, loving person with a kind soul who is also very religious. Landon and Jaime never really talked even though they basically grew up with each other until Landon realizes he has no date to the dance so he asks her. As the book continues, Landon and Jaime begin to develop a friendship. Although Landon's friends never really liked Jaime and only made fun of her he looked past it all. Without realizing it, Landon begins to fall in love with her. As Jaime goes along, she feels it was God's plan for them to be close friends. After a while they start dating and end up very happy. Everything seemed to be going well until Jaime finally admits to Landon that she is slowly dying of cancer. He was mortified and could not believe that "his" Jaime was leaving him. One day Landon realizes what God is telling him to do which is to marry her. A while passes after their marriage and Jamie eventually dies. Landon Carter, was in love with one and only one person for the rest of his life. 

I enjoyed reading this book very much because it was different from many of the books I have read. I find it amazing that Nicholas Sparks was able to show people the true essence of love through a book. People may say that this kind of love is not present in our generation today but I feel otherwise. I honestly think that it is still around but it is very difficult to find. The idea of two very opposite people loving each other unconditionally is so beautiful to me. Sparks did a remarkable job in creating such a great piece of literature that I'm sure everyone who has read it has enjoyed. Emotionally speaking, this book had me cry so much at the very end when Jamie was dying. It is just terrible that such a great and powerful love was destroyed due to her death. I also find it amazing that such a person like Landon was able to find love in a girl like Jaime. Overall, I feel that this book is one of the best I have read and it demonstrates to people that true love still exists which is admirable. 


  1. That's kind of funny that you chose A Walk to Remember because, last year, I had a bit more time to introduce the unit and I showed that movie and we wrote a response to it together. Very appropriate. It is one of the first things I think of when I think of this unit.

  2. Oh.. and you HAVE to read The Fault in Our Stars next. TRUST me.