Friday, November 30, 2012

#2: Watch the first showing of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II with friends

One of my favorite series of books of all time is the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I first read Twilight when about four years ago and I instantly fell in love. The books were just so great and when I found out there would be movies I was thrilled. I have watched all of the first five movies Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 during their opening weekends. The release date of Breaking Dawn Part 2 was Nov. 16 and my goal was to go to the first showing which was the midnight premiere. 
I took the first opportunity I could to purchase the tickets beforehand. I honestly didn't care where I would go to see it. The excitement I felt when purchasing these tickets was unimaginable. I literally began to jump around of joy when I received this confirmation email. On the night of the showing my family, friends, and I left our house at around 10:30 p.m. to try to get a good spot in line.  When we got there and I saw this I just felt the need to take a picture of it. We "thought" we were the first ones in line when in reality the line started on the other side and literally went across the building. I didn't care I was just focused on getting a spot in line. We were unfortunate enough to be standing in a spot where there wasn't anything above us and it began to rain. I truly didn't care about getting wet I was just too hyped up for something as silly as rain to get me down. Finally, we were let in a bit early because of the rain and at last I was sitting in the theater waiting for the FINAL twilight movie. 
Don't worry I won't get into too much detail because I wouldn't want to ruin it for those of you reading my blog who haven't seen it yet. What I can say is that it was such an AMAZING movie I can't even put it into words. I was very proud to say I have been a huge fan of it all since the beginning. To be quite honest I was bawling during the last seen because it was just so beautiful. The way the director put such a great story and concept into picture is very astounding and I commend the director for such a great job. When the movie finally finished I was very sad because it was ALL OVER!! I felt like I had nothing to do anymore because there was nothing to anticipate anymore. It was and still is a very sad thing for me. Since 2008 when the first movie came out I was curious to see how a director would piece together the last book into a movie and as I mentioned before the director did a great job. I still tear up today when I think about TWILIGHT being over forever. I promised myself I would read all the books at least once a year every year! I am truly a Twihard us crazy fans are known as. 


I remember watching the moving Rent when I was about ten years old. I watched this movie for the first time with my older cousins. I never truly understood the point of the movie because I didn't have a mature mind. I re-watched the movie a few months ago and it all made sense. This movie is a version of the Broadway musical that has the same name. RENT is mainly about the lives of Bohemians who struggle with drug abuse, sexuality, and cross-dressing. One couple is a lesbian couple that don't really care about what people think of them although they do struggle with their relationship sometimes. Another couple is composed of two males but one of them dresses as if he were a girl. His name is Angel and his main obstacle in the movie is his battle with AIDS. The next couple is Mimi and Roger and they are in a way the main couple of the movie. Mimi is a drug addict and when things between her and Roger get rough she dives into doing drugs every day. 

This movie is a perfect representation of "live your life to the fullest" because that is truly the mentality of these people. They are very open and free in an artistic and musical way which allows them the opportunity to know what life is. No one in this movie is ashamed of who they truly are because they are happy to be themselves. These people literally tried to look at the bright side of things which is what we should all be doing today.